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Physics Lab Session

We don’t believe potential can be measured by a standardized test. That’s why each child at AISK receives an individualized education, focused on their passions, designed to expand their capabilities and challenge them to be the best possible versions of themselves.

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At AISK, we encourage your child to express themselves authentically, and with their whole being.

That's why we introduce all our students to a wide variety of opportunities and empower them to forge their own path.

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Teacher & Student

At AISK, we emphasize the international experience. Our student body encounters the global community at every turn, and our teaching staff is no exception. 

In addition to our Jamaica-based Administration Team and Board of Trustees, we have an evolving team of global teachers, hand-picked by our dedicated Hiring Team for their alignment with the ADLP and their cultural fit, as well as their technical and academic expertise.

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The academic program at AISK is designed to help your child succeed, wherever they go from here. Our dual diploma system allows for a United States High School Diploma, an International Baccalaureate Certificate and Diploma, or any possible combination of those documents, ensuring your child a path in the United States, in addition to the wider international community. 

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At AISK we use a hands-on approach to show your child all the ways they can and will be using STEM in their daily lives. We use rigorous standards and inquiry-based learning techniques to show your child how to think freely across a multitude of disciplines, collaborate with their peers, and form connections between subjects.

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Strategies of Success is a program developed specifically for the middle school years—a notoriously hard time for students. Navigating the changing relationships of this age group can be particularly challenging due to a lack of emotional intelligence. Combined with their bodies and minds changing rapidly, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. 

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Hear Our Stories

The AISK community continues the quest to understand a 21st century classroom. Join us in this quest… through your expectations, conversations and trust. Together, our home-school partnership will prepare children for their future!

Casimer Badynee

Elementary Principal

I was surprised by how much I pulled from my learning experiences at AISK. It truly sunk in after I made a presentation at a university and someone commented that I must have been given a great university education. I quickly corrected that person and said it was my high school, AISK, that gave me the tools I needed to communicate confidently and effectively

Emma Bunting

Alumna, Class of 2013




What spoke to me about AISK is their holistic approach to education.  The skills we learn in our academic courses are important, and while they are the focus for college entrances, it is other aspects of learning that serve students in the long run, and of which are true indicators of students' success.  

- Rachel Jewell

 AISK Faculty, Humanities

Leaving boarding school abroad, I was happy to find AISK in Jamaica. The AISK-IB and college prep experience was strong, giving my son the exposure and confidence to apply and be accepted to his college of choice. The faculty and admin teams are very professional and genuinely caring.


Tammy Hart

Parent, Class of 2019

We view the cost of four years tuition at AISK as one of the best investments we have made in recent times within our family. Our grandson has now graduated and is on his way in life as a young adult. Mission accomplished with support and care from AISK!


Douglas & Michele Orane

Grandparents, Class of 2018

AISK has provided our daughters with a well rounded education. The school deliberately focuses on social emotional development, which has had a positive impact on our children. Their confidence improved significantly after the first few weeks of attending AISK.


Anna Melville

Parent, Class of 2028, 2030 and 2031

AISK is always accountable and always looking for ways to enhance the learning experience of each child; not just the smartest, most popular, or the most connected child, but each and every child.


Shakira Walton

Parent, Class of 2029, 2031

Technology is embedded in AISK’s curriculum which shapes learning in the modern world. The teachers equipped me with research skills and exposed me to cutting-edge software in my labs. Little did I know that these experiences would prepare me for my engineering courses at university.


Jonah Melhado

Alumnus, Class of 2014, LEAP Legal Software

My children have done nothing but thrive at AISK. The care and attention taken to making sure that they feel valued and able to contribute is more than I could ask. Learning is fun at AISK, but it is also scientific. The teachers are world-class and always learning.


Renee Rattray

Parent, Class of 2030, Teach Good, Lead Good

When it came to applying to universities, I felt a sense of relief that having a U.S. high school diploma would work to my advantage, which helped me reach even further. Overall, I am grateful that my high school experience was at AISK.

Yuanyuan 'Diana' Cui

Senior, Class of 2021

The frequent and comprehensive information provided on issues and developments in the school community and very importantly, particularly at this time, the health and security protocols they have implemented and the strict adherence to those protocols.

Patrick Hylton

Parent, Class of 2025, 2035