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AISK Stories

The academic program at AISK is designed to help your child succeed, wherever they go from here. Our dual diploma system allows for a United States High School Diploma, an International Baccalaureate Certificate or Diploma, or any possible combination of those certifications, ensuring your child a path here in Jamaica, in the United States, and the wider international educational community.

With a 98% success rate (8% of our students go on to the Ivy League), we are confident in our ability to bring out the best in your child.


Kristina Harris Brown
Class of 2011,
Student of Veterinary Medicine

AISK is unique in many ways. The smaller class sizes allow for a closer personal relationship with teachers who really take time to cater to each student’s needs. This one-on-one help is not only aimed at helping students, but parents as well. 

College preparation is one such area where AISK really helped me. The guidance and assistance I was given in choosing a college was unmatched. I had never heard of the college I eventually chose until a college fair that was held by AISK. Also, The IB program, admittedly, is extremely challenging but it introduced me and prepared me for college level educational expectations. 

AISK’s relationship with technology has been extremely beneficial in expanding my learning. Having a laptop in classes to use for taking notes and preparing projects elevated learning in the classroom and prepared me with practical technology skills that I used throughout college and every day. This has been particularly useful during this age of online education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There are many things I could say about the time I spent at AISK, but to put it into just one word – unforgettable.

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Grade 11
Class of 2023

AISK is an amazing school for multiple reasons. Whether it’s the teachers, the academics or the sports; they all form the school we know and love AISK. It offers an amazing academic program and to make it even better, it offers a diverse amount of sports.

They embrace children learning what they love and finding what they love and that is something that definitely makes the school stand out. It gives kids an opportunity that not many people can have. AISK feels like a place I can look forward to and the idea of school stresses most people out, but AISK manages to make it a much more pleasant thought.

I think the teachers help to make AISK as great as it is. They always interact with the students and make them have fun. They know how to have the perfect balance between having fun and teaching. They make the classroom experience more enjoyable.

For the two and a half years I’ve been at AISK, I have enjoyed it so much and I really am glad that I have been given the opportunity to be here. 

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Shakira Walton
Class of 2025 and 2027

This is my fourth year at AISK.  It has been an amazing journey thus far. The first day of school my son jumped into the car and said “Mum, School was EPIC!” My eyes filled with tears. I said it was what? He repeated it again and started chatting about all the amazing things he had learned and what he could do. I, for the first time in my life, was completely speechless. This continued all year. The thing that stands out the most was, and still is, AISK's sincere interest in all the details of his life. Every bump in the road, big or little, is met with love, concern, and a new and improved strategy. AISK is always accountable and always looking for ways to enhance the learning experience of each child; not just the smartest, most popular, (and sorry to say) the most connected child, but each and every child. From the guard waving good morning to you at the gate, to the canteen staff who are genuinely concerned about your child eating a nutritious meal and not wasting their food. I am continually blown away. 

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