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Meet Faculty & Staff

Senior Leadership Team

The senior leadership team keeps operations going smoothly and flawlessly for the students and parents. The team makes sure that teachers and students are worry-free and are able to concentrate on education and extracurricular activities. The offices are full every day with questions, PE uniform purchases, lunch deliveries, etc. The business office handles tuition payment plans and guides parents on accounts.

L-R: Chris Walker - Middle & High School Principal, Anna Thwaites Wallace - Deputy Head of School/Admissions Director, Susan Canobie - Head of School, Casimer Badynee - Elementary Principal

The thing that stands out the most was, and still is, AISK's sincere interest in all the details of my son's life. Every bump in the road, big or little, is met with love, concern, and a new and improved strategy.

- Shakira Walton -
Elementary Parent



The AISK Leadership Team has collectively over 200 years of educational experience with a wealth of views and ideas and information. We are a very collaborative group of good listeners, and we understand that our job is all about the students and meeting challenges daily, annually and strategically. Above all we serve; our students, our parents, our faculty and staff. It is great to feel like a part of a system or structure where your views actually matter.

L-R: Caz Badynee, Nicola Melhado, Sylvia Browne, Anna Thwaites-Wallace, Susan Canobie, Chris Walker, Jared Rodgers, Debra Valentine, Ingrid Fitt, Sophie Kropman, Dexter McFarlane.

The AISK Difference

  • Be known and inspired by faculty committed to connecting with you and supporting your passions.
  • Find meaningful academic challenge through engaging classroom and experiential learning.
  • Connect with your community through Classrooms Without Walls experiences that allow you to push past your comfort zone and develop skills practical and profound.
  • Earn the confidence to share your ideas and effect change, among your peers and in the wider world.