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Outstanding Faculty

At AISK, we emphasize the international experience. Our student body encounters the global community at every turn, and our teaching staff is no exception.

In addition to our Jamaica-based Administration Team and Board of Trustees, we have an evolving team of global teachers, hand-picked by our dedicated Hiring Team for their alignment with the ADLP and their cultural fit, as well as their technical and academic expertise. Their ability to share their personal culture with an international student body—while still feeling at home in Kingston and honoring the traditions here—is paramount.

This year’s new teachers are excited to rise to the challenges presented by our current circumstances, and to share their personal expertises with each of their students.

The education provided prepares students not just for college, but for meaningful professional and personal lives.

We prepare our students to thrive anywhere. An AISK education is for families who are ready for more. We expect our students to excel in the classroom, and we give them the support to help them do that. But we also challenge our students to go beyond the classroom and develop a respect for community and the world. We encourage our students to go beyond their comfort zones and embrace new experiences. The goal is always to help our students forge new perspectives, take risks, build confidence, and develop a broader world view.

Every kid needs a mentor.

Everybody needs a mentor.

- Donovan Bailey

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