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Elementary School

ASA Semester 1 sign-ups are currently closed. Please contact the activity providers directly.

If a change is made to a students ASA schedule, please inform ASA Admin and Homeroom Teachers. 

For further information regarding the Activities provided, please see the list below. 

AISK Semester 1 Activities will start on Monday, September 9 and finish on the week ending Friday, December 6, 2019.

AISK Semester 2 Activities will start on Monday, January 27, 2020 and finish on the week ending Friday, June 5, 2020.

Activities run from 3:10-4:10 p.m.

Activities with * are paid activities (e.g. *Tennis) 


Academics: Math Olympiad // Grades: 4-11

UWI math olympiad - Math based competition.

See provider for more details.

Grades: 4-11
Instructor: Ms. Lisa McLean
Cost: No Cost

Academic: Spanish Club // Grades: 1-5

Dive into the Spanish language and culture! We will practice the language and learn about the different cultures and Spanish speaking countries in a social environment. We will have fun learning Spanish with crafts, games, music, books, and videos!

Grades: 1-5 (Tues) Room: 2105
Instructor: Mrs. Alexandra Blanchard
Cost: No cost

Service: ES Student Government // Grades 3-5

The student council is a leadership and community forum where students share ideas, interests and concerns within the school community.

Grades: 3-5 (Day 2 Lunch Time)
Instructors: Margaret Adam & Alexis Applegate
Cost:  no cost


*Service: The Brownie Pack // Grades: K-5

Girls between the ages of 6 to 11 years old may be a Brownie as long as she will abide by The Brownie Promise and The Brownie Laws. The mission of the Brownie Pack is to assist in the development of girls to reach their full potential and to contribute significantly to the community. The program places emphasis on: 

  • Giving service 
  • Keeping fit
  • Enjoying the outdoors 
  • Family life education 
  • Nutrition 
  • Exploring the arts 
  • Thinking for oneself
  • Decision making 

Grades: K- 5 (Mon) Room: 3102
Instructor: Mrs. Sophia Williams, Mrs. Simone Boyd, Mrs. Betty White & Ms. Kimberley Edwards
Dues: J$200 per week/ J$800 per month

Creative: Bond and Play // Grades: EYP-1 (Semester 2 Only)

Semester 2 Activity

Max capacity 10 (first come first serve).

Grades: EYP - 1 (Mon) Room: 2106
Instructor: Ms. Kim Edwards
Cost: No Cost


Creative: Read. Make. Play // Grades: EYP-1

Read a story, color/make art, play with S.T.E.M. manipulatives and a short outdoor playtime.

Grades: EYP-1 (Thur) 
Days: Thursdays in Room: # 2108
Instructor: Debbie-Ann Pryce / Alexandra Blanchard
Cost: no cost
Email: /

*Creative: Creative Play // Grades: EYP-3

Creative Play will promote creativity, through hands-on activities, to build fine motor skills and foster collaboration through team activities and explorations.

Grades: EYP-3 (Mon - 2107, Tues - 2105, Wed - 2107, Fri - 2108)
Instructor: Mr. Oshane Black
Cost: J$ 12,000 (once a week), J$20,000 (twice a week), J$28,000 (3 times a week)
Mobile: 876-393-2878

*Creative: Sewing Club // Grades: 1-5

Sewing Club is an activity which teaches students from 6-18 years old. Teaching from basic to advanced sewing, each student will be taught to put on buttons, do straight stitch, hems, cushion making, pencil cases, skirts and hair accessories.

Each student has the option to make what they choose with their hand & also with use of a sewing machine. Students will be required to bring fabric, thread, needle, buttons and any other materials as instructed.

Grades: 1 - 5 (Tues, Wed) Room: 2204
Instructor: Ms. Suzette Meggie
Cost: J$ 12,500 / semester or J$ 1,200 / day

Contact: 876-596-9925, 876-574-9487

*Creative: Lego Yuh Mind Robotics // Grades: K-5

Using LEGO bricks, students build and program their robotic creations with software on the computer. This STEM activity develops creativity, coding, problem-solving and teamwork skills. 

Click here to sign up for Lego Yuh Mind Robotics Club @ AISK

Grades: K-5 (Tues - 3102)

  • Mr. Marvin Hall
  • Mr. Jason Turpin

Cost: J$24,000 once a week / semester
Office: 876-619-8999 

*Creative: Gates Drone Aviation

Students learn the ins and outs of drone aviation. From engineering and design to flight and racing. 

Grades: 3 - 12 (Wed, Sat) Room: 4101
Instructor: Leslie James
Cost: $22,000 p/semester
Tel: 876-832-3268

Performing Arts: Drama Club // Grades: 2-5

Our After-School Drama Clubs don’t just teach theatre! They also build students’ self-confidence, creativity, teamwork abilities, self-discipline, and presentation skills. Our elementary program is designed for grades 2-5. Students stretch their dramatic muscles by learning acting basics as they rehearse for a big performance for friends and family!

Please note that closer to show times students will be needed for Saturday morning rehearsals and funds will be needed for costuming and set. 

Grades: 2-5 (Thur) Room: 4203
Instructor: Ms. Sarah Silvera
Cost: no charge

Performing Arts: AISK Dance Club // Grades: 5-12

AISK Dances!!!

Hip Hop, Dance Hall, Modern, Stretch? AISK Dance Club delivers it all. Our faculty of teachers includes Steven Cornwall from TipTapToe, Kemar Brown from ASHE, Kareen McLean former soloist with LaCADCo/Cathy Levy Players, Tony Henry, Founder Company Dance Theatre, plus other acclaimed guest teachers and choreographers. 

AISK Dances!!! Experience the joy of movement!

Grade: 5-12 (Tues - Thur) Room: Dance Studio
Instructor: Steven Cornwall, Kemar Brown, Kareen McLean


Performing Arts: AISK Dance Ensemble // Grades: 5-12

The AISK Ensemble offers an advanced repertory experience for advanced dancers. The AISK Ensemble will learn and perform signature works from the repertoire of Tony Wilson's Company Dance Theatre.

Fridays 3:15 - 4:15 pm beginning September 6. Open to advanced dancers strictly by audition.
AISK Dances!!! Experience the joy of movement!
Grade: 5-12 (Fri - Invitation Only) Room: Dance Studio
Instructor: Steven Cornwall, Kemar Brown, Kareen McLean


*Performing Arts: Tony Wilson Dance // Level 1 Modern - Grades: EYP-2

Level 1 - Modern Dance

An introduction to Modern Dance for our youngest performers. 

For further information on Classes at Tony Wilson's Dance School, please contact the provider directly.  

Dance Administrator: Ms. Donna Clarke
Cost: Contact the provider directly
Mobile: 876-999-3956

*Performing Arts: Piano & Keyboard // Grades: 1-12

Piano classes will be offered as individual lessons of 30-40 minutes depending on the students' needs, using available keyboards provided at the school. 

Classes off-site can be arranged if the need arises. Students will be engaged once per week in both practical and theoretical aspects and depending on progress may be selected to perform at the AISK Holiday concert in December 2018.

Grades: 1-12 (Age 6 yrs and up) (Mon, Wed) Room: 2210
Instructor: Dr. Katherine Brown
Cost: Semester 1 : USD$ 330 p/semester 
Mobile: 876-541-5073, WA: 876-547-1654  

*Performing Arts: Drum Ensemble // 2-12

Ouida Lewis is a multi-disciplined artist! Percussionist, tap dancer, studio musician, educator and choreographer, to name a few. She has performed extensively locally and internationally with theatre groups, bands/ensembles, African drumming groups - including major master drummers from Guinea, Mali and Senegal. She taught and choreographed tap dance to local theatre groups such as The Cathi Levy Players and has taught tap Dance and West African Drumming internationally throughout the Netherlands.  She currently teaches West African Drumming and Jamaican Folk forms at St. Andrew High for Girls and Hillel Prep School in Kingston, as well as each year in Northern California working with Women Drummers International and freelances as a percussionist for the Jamaica Big Band and The Binghistra Movements among others.

Grades: 2-12 (Mon)
Instructor: Ms. Ouida Lewis
Cost: JA$4000 / student / lesson

Mobile: 876-572-7256 or 876-613-5277

*Performing Arts: Violin // Grades: 2-5

The Violin Ensemble is an entry level ensemble for the AISK orchestra program. Appropriate for both Suzuki (playing by ear) and traditional violin students. 

No previous orchestral or musical experience is necessary.

Students who participate in this semester’s course have the option of preparing for exams by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

If you want to fulfill your potential with music then this course is for you.These exams allow students to master all the skills needed to become an expert violinist. ABRSM exams are designed to motivate students at all levels and ages, providing realistic goals and tangible rewards for their achievements.

It will also enhance your credentials on your resume or your future university application.

Grades: 2-12 (Ages 7 & up) (Thur) Room: 2210
Instructor: Mr. Deon Thomas
Cost: J$ 30,000 / student / semester (10 classes/10 weeks)
Mobile: 876-842-1879

*Performing Arts: Drums Private Lessons // Grades: 4-5

These lessons will develop a greater set of technical and musical skills on the drum set and to create a comprehensive understanding of the instrument role. Maximum two students per lesson. 

*This providers schedule is full for on site drum lessons. However, lessons can be arranged off-site. To arrange off-site lessons please contact the provider directly.

Grades: 4-5 (Arrange with provider)
Instructor: Mr. Jeremy Moder
Cost: USD$25
 per student per lesson 
Mobile: 876-391-7722; 876-929-1094

Sports: Grassroots Football // Ages 3-9 Years

The Hurricanes Grassroots Program is in place to develop our young footballers who are learning the basics of the beautiful game in preparation to play in our competitive teams. 

++this program is based on numbers.  If it is deemed that there are not enough students, we will be unable to continue to offer the program.

Grades: EYP-2 (Mon) Gr. 3-4 (Tues) 
Instructor: David Broomfield (Mon) / Dexter McFarlane (Tues) / Kemar Brown
Cost:  no cost


Sports: Hurricanes Football

Semester 1 -U12 JISA football training for preparation in inter-school competitions.

Semester 2 - U11 football training for preparation in inter-school friendlies

Semester 1 - Grades: 4-7 (Mon, Wed, Thurs)
Semester 2 - Grades: 3-5 (TBC)
Instructor: Dexter McFarlane
Cost:  no cost

Sports: Hurricanes Swim // Grade: 1-6

Hurricanes swimming is our after school swimming program for students who would like to participate in swimming competitively for AISK. The aim of practice will be to reinforce key concepts learned during PE lessons and team practices in order to be ready for meets organized throughout the school year. This will afford swimmers the advantage of repetition, promoting consistency and efficiency. The sessions will include technique work and lap swimming. Students must be at an intermediate to advanced level, who are able to complete at least 25m (1 lap of our pool) to 50m (2 laps of our pool) in at least one stroke. 

Grades: 1-6 (Tues, Fri)
Instructor: Kerri-Anne Steer

Cost: No Cost
Mobile: 876-403-6187

Sports: Learn To Swim // Grades: EYP-5

Our learn to swim program is suited for those students who have minimal experience swimming and are interested in learning key concepts. Students will be taught basic and fundamental skills to help with confidence and swimming ability. Students should be at a beginner stage in swimming to enroll in this group. The aim of this group is to encourage students to learn to swim and enjoy aquatic environments. Students are encouraged to take part with the goal of moving towards participating on the swim team. 

Grades: EYP-5 (Wed)
Instructor: Kerri-Anne Steer, David Broomfield
Cost:  no cost

Sports: Quick Cricket // Grades: 3-7 (Semester 2 Only)

Semester 2

Students learn the fundamentals of Cricket and the values of sportsmanship. 

Grades: 3-6 (Mon) Room: BB Court
Instructor: Allan Roper / Dexter McFarlane
Cost: No Cost


Sports: Running Club // Grades: 5-12

Come and enjoy an afternoon of running with the goal to represent AISK as a team in local running events. Beginners and experienced runners all welcome.

Grades: 5-12 (Thur) Room: Front Office
Instructor: Susan Canobie & Anna Wallace
Cost:  Entrance fees to road races may attract a fee.

*Sports: Tennis Club // Grades: EYP-5

The lessons are for beginners, intermediates and advanced players, preparing them for recreational or competitive match play. Fitness and footwork drills for all levels. Appreciation of mental skills required. 
EYP and K students have practice every Tuesday and Thursday. 

  • Beginners 3:15 - 4:15 pm 
  • Intermediate 4:15 - 5:15 pm 
  • Advanced 5:15 - 6:15 pm

Grades: EYP- 5 (Mon - Fri Based on ability level) Room: TNS Court
Instructor: Mr. Arthur Phillpotts & Coaches
J$27,000.00 for 1 class a week/semester, J$1,500.00 for 1 class/day.

Mobile: 876-392-5628

*Sports: Fencing // Grades: 2-12

The Sport of Fencing is one of the original five sports held at the Modern Olympics in 1862 and has featured at every Summer Olympics since.  

Students of Fencing enjoy both physical and cognitive benefits.

Fencing utilizes strategy and quick reflexes. Your opponent can make an attack in any number of ways and your defence needs to come in a split second, and in the next split second, you've got to make your attack.

Fencers learn good sportsmanship, self-discipline, gain quick reflexes and how to compete independently. They gain a sense of accomplishment when winning and learn to profit from their defeats. They learn to make complex decisions, analyze problems, and think fast on their feet. These ideals help children reach their potential in many areas other than fencing.

• They are active and doing something, not being passive receptacles for programming beamed out from the TV.

• Fencing helps children get fit – you can’t “sword fight” without a good bit of movement!

• Fencing helps children learn to pay attention and to develop their decision-making 

• Because fencing is an individual sport, the fencer is solely responsible for their success or failure, which becomes a great lesson in responsibility.

• At the same time, being a member of a fencing club gives the fencer an opportunity to participate in a group setting, where friendships are made and true sportsmanship is encouraged.

• Many top ranked 
colleges have fencing teams and are always looking for experienced fencers. While scholarships are few and limited to top-level competitors, having fencing on your college resume provides you with another way for your child to market themselves.

Taken in Part from:"A PARENT'S GUIDE TO FENCING - 2007 Edition," Page 3


Grades: 1-12 (Thurs) Room: 4107
Instructor: Mr. Kurt Schmick & Mr. Jonathan Matthews
Cost:  US$160 per semester (10 Classes) or JA$2,500 p/class


Mobile: 876-312-0354

*Sports: Chess Club // Grade: 1-5

Chess is a classic game that is more than a thousand years old.
In Chess Club we focus on:
1. The fun, beauty and creativity of the game.
2. The development of critical thinking skills - enhancing the learning experience.
3. Competitive play (children are groomed for both local and international competitions)
Coaches: National Chess Master and President of Liguanea Chess Club Geoffrey Byfield, Mr. Odane Hall, Mrs. Carol Reid

Grades: 1-5 (Mon, Wed, Fri) Room: 4207
Ability level: Beg / Int / Adv

Instructor: Mr. Geoffrey Byfield
Cost: J$ 22,000 / student / semester or J$ 1,800 per day / student calculated for one class per week. 
Mobile: 876-857-5494

*Sports: Hoop Kidz - Basketball With Ffriend // Grades: 3-5

An exciting program to expose the younger players to the fundamental skills of basketball. Click here for flyer.

Grades: 3-5 (Wed, Fri) Room: BB Court
Instructor: Kimani Ffriend
Cost:  2 day - $51,000, 1 day - $25,500 

* Also note that there will be a 10% discounted fee for returning students this semester, which would reduce the total to JMD $46,000.00.


Mobile: 876-277-4217

*Sports: Table Tennis // Grades: EYP-5

Table Tennis is one of the fastest games around, excellent for hand-eye coordination and fun . We make it easy to join the fun, providing necessary equipment and offering tables for every skill level.
Come learn the basics of table tennis… Or, if you already know the basics, come show your skills in some organized matches.
All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate.
Membership is open to all ages and standards, whether you wish to play socially or represent the club at league level.
• Safe and Secure playing environment
• Level 2 ITTF Coaches
• Convenient open hours
• Programs for all age and Skill levels
• Affordable membership options
Join AISK Table Tennis Club

Grades: EYP-5 (Tues) Room: MS Rotunda
Instructor: Coach Daley
Cost:  J$16000 p/semester, JA$3,000 p/day


Mobile: 876-809-2311

*Sports: Taekwondo // Grades: PreK-12

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art mainly using the hands and feet.  It promotes self confidence, discipline, cardio and motor skills.

Grades: PreK-12 (Tues, Wed) Room. HS Rotunda
Instructor: Wayne Smith / 
Cost:  J$ tbc per semester


Mobile: 876-396-0040

*Sports: Cheer Sensation

A fun and interactive Cheerleading club where students learn the fundamentals of cheerleading. Cheer Club is focused on the different aspects of Cheerleading; athleticism and performance while focussing on each individual child’s holistic development.  

Grades: K-6 (Mon, Wed) Room: TBC
Instructor: Lesley Cumberbatch, Stephen McCubbin
Cost:  JA$10,000 p/semester, JA$1,000 p/day


Mobile: 876-345-7037

* Sports: Softball/Baseball // Grades: K - 12

Students learn the fundamentals of Baseball/Softball. Striking, Fielding, Pitching.

Grades: K - 12 (Wed)
Instructor: Leon Taylor
Cost: $20,000

*Sports: Squash // Grades: 1-5

Squash will be held at Liguanea Club.

Bruce has been competing in Squash at the national level for the past 14 years at both junior and senior level. Bruce has played at the Commonwealth Games, CaC games and the Caribbean championships. Former Varsity player for both University of Western Ontario and Ridley College. Former head coach of Goodlife Northridge club Toronto. Bruce is a certified Squash coach, personal trainer, group trainer and soon to be nutritionist.

Arrange sessions privately. 

Grade: 1-5
Instructor: Mr. Bruce Burrowes
Cost: J$ 2000 / student / class
Mobile: 876-898-0680


*Sports: Pony Club // Grades: 2-5

Pony Club is an internationally recognized equestrian program and membership for students ages 8-24. Pony Club includes a UK Pony Club membership. 
Owning a pony is not required.
FacilityCaymanas Pony Club, Caymanas Estates, St. Catherine.
Transportation to the activity venue needs to be arranged by the family. All students will meet at the venue. 

We only offer a daily rate on Saturdays which is only open to Pony Club members in the form of private clinics J$5,500.00 per session.  These sessions are also assessment lessons for new students.  Assessment lessons are required to join the program.

For further information, we encourage you to check with the provider.  

Grades: Gr. 2-5
Mrs. Heidi Lalor / Lauren Kilgallon
Cost: $420.00USD / semester (12 weeks)

*Sports: Gymnastics // Grades: EYP-12

Fundamental Gymnastics training with certified coaches from Nishida's Gymnastics. 

Grades EYP - 12 (Tuesday, Thursday) Room: HS Rotunda
Instructor: Shin Nishida / Coach McCalla / Coach Bennett
Cost: 2 Days - 16,000, 1 Day - $9000 p/semester 
Tel: 876-883-4640


Available to Parents: Yoga // Grades: 6-12 & Parents & Staff

Beginner - Intermediate Yoga activity. Sessions focus on mindfulness, physical and mental strength. BYOM.

This activity is open to our whole community. If you are an AISK Stakeholder you are welcome to take part. Please contact the provider directly to sign-up. 

Grades: 6-12 (Thur) Room: 3201
Instructor: Ms. Sarah Kleven
Cost:  No Cost

Available to Parents: Adult Math Class // 21 and Older

An actual Math class (you'll need paper and pencil) to learn the math you forgot long ago.

You'll get a conceptual understanding of simple to complex math topics, while at the same time seeing the activities students see.

We will continue with our syllabus from last semester. Newcomers are welcome.

Contact the provider directly to sign up. 

Grades: 21 and Older (Tues) Room: 4106
Instructor: Ms. Peggie Perkins
Cost:  No Cost

2 College Green Avenue, Kingston 6, Jamaica
Tel: 1-876-702-2070-3 | Fax: 1-876-702-2074

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