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Student Support Services

AISK supports enrolled students in a variety of ways to assure successful academic achievement, and one support mechanism is the Student Support Services (SSS) department. SSS is a department at AISK that offers a body of programs that operate by invitation-only and provides a range of academic support structures.

To participate in the programs offered by SSS, families work with the AISK administrative team to develop an individualized program. The programs are designed either to support academic gaps (Learning Support), English Language development (EAL), or to provide supplemental academic enrichment. SSS does not support student behavioral needs.

The SSS department designs, delivers and oversees the implementation of a systematic response to student needs in order to provide appropriate, targeted support to students identified with exceptionalities. This includes, but is not limited to, the development of the processes of identification / assessment practices, targeted interventions, collection of appropriate resources, protocols of delivery of services, scheduling options and admission processes.

SSS provides and develops unique educational opportunities for students with mild learning difficulties, English Language Learners (ELL) and gifted students at the American International School of Kingston.

Student Support Services:

  • Provides greater access to the curriculum, focusing on academic components and appropriate instruction in basic skills;
  • Maintains and oversees programs for identified students provided through targeted small group instruction and one-on-one instruction;
  • Supports differentiated learning experiences within, before or after the regular school day;
  • Supports learning experiences that are related to the core curriculum which include remediation, acceleration, enrichment and / or independent study.
  • Supports classroom teachers in supporting students with unique educational needs.


What programs does AISK offer to gifted / challenged students?
AISK provides independent resources (on-campus), as well as online classes from accredited organizations in the United States. For example, an identified student may enroll in a high-level Math or a class not currently offered on campus. And there is a wide range of activities on campus for students that include games, and direct instruction. Additionally there are many guided instruction activities available through the Internet and the student’s iPad or laptop.

Will a child identified with a learning challenge who transfers from another school be placed in the Student Support program?
Not necessarily. The placement in Student Support will depend on a range of variables that include assessments from teachers and the Student Support team. In some cases, learning support enrollment will occur immediately. In other cases, it may be determined that the student can achieve success with recommended accommodations within the classroom. Finally, it may be determined in certain circumstances that a student will be refused admissions due to AISK’s inability to meet that student’s educational needs.

How long will a student be enrolled in SSS?
Timelines for students enrolled in the support services are created in accordance with reports and assessments and can vary widely depending on the needs of the students. Some students, including those for learning support as well as EAL may only require intervention for a short period, typically for not less than three consecutive quarters. Other students may require support services for a much longer period of time, up to the duration of their stay at AISK. Once it is deemed that a student no longer qualifies for, or needs student support, an exit interview is held with the parents.

Is there a separate fee for SSS?
A separate fee accompanies enrollment in SSS. In some cases regarding students with academic gaps, participation in Learning Support is a necessary component in continued enrollment in AISK. 


Debra Valentine - Student Support Coordinator

Debra Valentine has been teaching and working in the field of special education for 25 years. She has worked with all ages from early childhood to adults and joined AISK in August 2013. Ms. Valentine enjoys working with students and supporting their families, leading students to realize their full potential.

Kerri-Ann Suckrajh - Student Support


Kerri Ann Suckrajh has been a teacher for 8 years. Her teaching career began at The McCam Child Care and Development Center where she taught for 4 years in Special Education. As the Student Support teacher for the Middle and High School Divisions, she enjoys the relationships built daily with the students. The progress the students make and the effort they put into the learning process is her greatest satisfaction.





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