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AISK Dynamic Learning Paradigm

The question is often asked about AISK; what makes this school different? A student through their K-12 school years attains the knowledge base required to enter tertiary level learning. To be successful at the college level students must also along with the knowledge base acquire the skill set to engage in higher order thinking and working with others towards a common goal. As educators we must prepare a student for a world that is constantly changing, they must be adaptable . . .

Since inception, AISK has embraced the student-centered philosophy for content delivery, while ensuring relevance to the world within which our students live and play. At the heart of our program is our own student-centered formula, AISK's Dynamic Learning Paradigm (ADLP) – this philosophy not only trains and equips students to progress to tertiary learning (and eventually the job market) but embeds the core skill sets to make them successful in life.

ADLP shifts the focus of activity from the teacher to the learners. AISK's Dynamic Learning Paradigm includes:

  • active learning, in which students solve problems, answer questions, formulate questions of their own, discuss, explain, debate and brainstorm during class;
  • cooperative learning, in which students work in teams on problems and projects under conditions that assure both positive interdependence and individual accountability; and
  • inductive teaching and learning, in which students are first presented with challenges (questions or problems) and learn the course material in the context of addressing the challenges. Inductive methods include inquiry-based learning, case-based instruction, problem-based learning, project-based learning, discovery learning, and just-in-time teaching.

Ways of Thinking

“Be thinkers, not mere reflectors of others' thoughts." Ellen White
Our students learn to:
  • be divergent thinkers
  • extend their curiosity and be risk-takers
  • be innovative and inventive
  • develop entrepreneurial skills
Critical Thinking
  • identify and ask significant questions
  • make unbiased judgments and decisions to form hypotheses
  • critically reflect on research
  • reason through comprehension, analysis and evaluation
Making Connections
Our students learn to:
  • take a cross-curricular approach to learning
  • apply learned concepts to real-world situations effectively
  • utilize experiences derived from a multi-cultural environment

Tools for Working

“Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories." Laurie Anderson
Information Literacy
Our students learn to:
  • appropriately access relevant information
  • critically evaluate and manage the information
  • use information accurately and creatively
  • use information ethically as a base to construct their own ideas
Information Communication and Technology Tools
Our students learn to use:
  • iPads, laptops, graphing calculators, geometry sketchpad, digital probes, interactive whiteboards and LCD projectors
  • Digital resources including apps, videos, programs, blogs, etextbooks, Google, Bing etc.

Ways of Working

“When we change the way we communicate we change society." Clay Shirky
Communication and Collaboration
Our students learn to:
  • effectively deliver ideas appropriate to the audience
  • use a range of listening skills
  • effectively use verbal and non-verbal forms of communication
  • communicate clearly and coherently
  • identify skills of group members in order to maximize efficiency and productivity
  • work together in partnership in a variety of settings
  • share ideas and value the contribution of others
  • be flexible and open to change to achieve a common goal
  • recognize their individual responsibility as part of a team

Skills for Living

“Think globally, act locally." Patrick Geddes
Global Awareness
Our students learn to:
  • work with and appreciate others from diverse cultures and backgrounds
  • recognize their responsibility as global citizens to positively implement change for those who are socially and economically disadvantaged
  • have an awareness of social, environmental, entrepreneurial and political issues that exist on a global level and to effect change locally
Our students learn to:
  • work and manage effectively in a variety of contexts and situations
  • understand and respond to constructive criticism
  • effect change when faced with a variety of constraints

Holistic Environment

“To make positive choices for the rest of your life, you need an environment that is
supportive, inspiring, constructive and enjoyable." Anonymous
Physical Environment

Nestled at the base of the majestic Blue Mountains, AISK is located on a pristine and green 9-acre campus. Complementing the athletic prowess that Jamaica is known for, our campus is complete with soccer field, basketball and tennis courts. The 24-hour safety systems provides the highest level of security for school day and weekend use of all the facilities.

The facility is a catalyst for AISK's Dynamic Learning Paradigm (ADLP) and our seemingly traditional classrooms are reinvented, indoors and outdoors, to teach tomorrow's reality. Upon arrival, the entire community is provided with instant, secure and reliable high-speed digital access that reflects the world in which we work and play. Small class sizes allow for ever-changing class groupings which guarantee unique lesson experiences reflecting our dynamic curriculum. Student collaboration and individualized learning come alive in these varied classroom settings.

Social-Emotional Environment

The socio-emotional environment mirrors our physical space as it promotes creativity, independence and self-awareness in our community. Students are encouraged to vocalize original ideas, develop their leadership skills and be enterprising, all within an open and relaxed atmosphere. The ADLP experience embodies the Jamaican motto, 'Out of Many, One People' as our many cultures blend harmoniously creating an environment of understanding, appreciation and acceptance. At AISK our community truly believes and exhibits that anything is possible!

2 College Green Avenue, Kingston 6, Jamaica
Tel: 1-876-702-2070-3 | Fax: 1-876-702-2074

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