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5 Ways to Engage Students in Our Digital World

5 Ways to Engage Students in Our Digital World

In today’s digital world, children begin playing games on mobile devices at an early age. As they grow older, they often spend hours a day texting, interacting with friends on social media apps,

 and watching music videos online. Is all this technology a distraction from school?In many ways, yes. However, when schools and teachers learn to utilize technology in a way that engages students in the learning process, it can be a win for both families and schools. Here are five meaningful ways student learning can incorporate digital devices and programs. 

1. Help Students Develop a Deeper Grasp of a Concept
Videos, slide presentations, and online interactive maps are just a few of the ways teachers may enhance lessons and material to help students develop a more in-depth view of a topic or concept. These digital resources can be used in the classroom or posted to a class website for students to work with outside of class. 

2.  Teach Children to Collaborate 
Shared documents, presentation applications, and other programs let students collaborate, either working together in person or collaborating virtually from home. Digital group projects have the potential to let more reserved students make equal contributions. They also make it easier for students with different schedules to collaborate. 

3. Put Education at their Fingertips 
Digital learning resources and assignments help students learn at any time and from any location. In addition to supplemental online materials and assignments, some schools have embraced digital textbooks across the board and provided every child with a tablet or laptop to ensure they can access materials both in and out of school.

4. Encourage Creativity
Online learning allows teachers and students to be more creative. Teachers are able to use social apps in innovative ways, such as setting up a private Facebook page for the class to discuss an assignment. Some teachers have used the concept of a webquest, asking students to find specific information online in order to learn more about a topic. Having students summarize what they have learned in an online presentation allows them to get very creative, pulling together images, music, charts, and more to show how they have mastered a new concept. 

5. Teach Students to Navigate and Analyze Information
Many schools today not only incorporate technology into the curriculum, but also teach students smart rules of the online world, such as:

  • How to stay safe online, including privacy settings, apps and websites to avoid, and the importance of reporting concerning issues to a trusted adult

  • How to find reputable websites for research and information

  • How to analyze and check information that appears online to determine if it is true and provided by a reliable source

Technology at AISK
Students from kindergarten to grade 12 at the American International School of Kingston are benefitting from a culture that fully integrates technology into the learning experience in order to enhance engagement, creativity, communication, and collaboration. This rich technological environment taps into the digital immersion of today’s student to enable them to learn any time, anywhere. 

  • 1:1 devices starting in first grade. Students in first through fourth grade use Apple iPads while students in grades 5 through 12 use Apple MacBook laptops. Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms are all fitted with touch-sensitive interactive boards and accessories.

  • Every classroom is digitally connected.

  • Students use Schoology, a learning management system that includes personalized homepages with courses, homework, calendars, grades, email, classroom blogs, etc.

  • Digital textbooks and course materials.

  • AISK teaches the skills required to successfully navigate the information highway, including determining what is a good information source, how to use a research engine or database,  and using information that is pertinent to the hypothesis of the project. These skills are required at the university level and in the future work life of the student. 

  • An IT Help Desk offers hands-on technical support to our students and staff.

Want to Learn More About AISK?

To learn more about the American International School of Kingston, download our School Profile today. You’ll discover information about test scores and accreditation, a profile of the student body, faculty credentials, and more. 




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