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AISK Traditions







AISK students, faculty, and staff come together as a community, celebrate our unique school culture, and show our Hurricane pride through these much-loved annual traditions.


AISK’s signature sporting event, was born in 2010 to develop relationships with other international schools in the region through sports. A six-a-side soccer tournament for boys and girls was established, where we invited schools from the Caribbean and our immediate surrounding community. AISK has held the event every year since except 2020 and 2021. 

The AISK SoccerFeva Tournament strengthens the bonds between students, sporting and educational institutions from across the Caribbean region. It goes further than athletics, as families share homes, schools share passions and many friendships created now span the region and the globe thanks to this event.

Adopt a Beach Cleanup

AISK would join with other participating schools the  annual beach cleanup worldwide, and sponsored by Jamaica Environmental Trust. After a few annual cleanups the AISK students wanted to do more and chose to adopt one beach and clean it several times a year. This effort is organized both by students as CAS projects twice per year and the GIN Club once per year.

Senior Prank 

The AISK Senior Prank is a type of organized prank by the senior class of a school, college, or university. They are often carried out at or near the end of the academic year and are part of school traditions. The senior pranks are harmless, way for our graduating class to suprise the entire AISK Family.

In 2023, we got PRANKED! The AISK Class of 2023 came all out with their beach themed prank that we’ll never forget! 

We are still in awe of how much they did in one night! They transformed the high school rotunda into a tropical paradise with the sand, the water, and the plants all in the name of tradition. What a surprise that will leave a lasting memory on our school community, just as much as our 2023 Seniors will!


TennisFeva became part of the SportsFeva program starting in 2012. AISK hosts this inter school tennis competition for all local schools. It’s very well attended and enjoyed by all.

Blue Mountain Peak Hike

Standing 2,256 m (7,402 ft) above sea level is the majestic Blue Mountain Range. Hurricanes have climbed to the peak which is an overnight trek arriving at the summit to witness the magnificent sunrise. This milestone is an achievement for our students who look forward to this coming-of-age tradition at AISK.

GIN Club Lock-In

The AISK GIN Club hosts an annual LOCKIN every fall on the school grounds. The LOCKIN is a traditional fundraising event where students spend the night at school engaging in a host of activities for different ages and interests, while  building friendships and making memories. All activities are student planned but supervised by adults. Some of the more popular activities include playing games, watching movies, roasting marshmallows by the bonfire and even showing off their gaming skills with their friends. All proceeds go towards our initiatives that are geared at making the world a better place. The experiences are priceless and students will talk about their school sleepover for years to come.


Middle School Holywell Hike

This is a one day trip, taken by interested middle school students, along with staff members. Holywell is a national park within the Blue and John Crow Mountains and provides a scenic trek in the lush, cool mountains overlooking Kington.

Spirit Week

Spirit Week is an annual tradition in the Spring. Each day of that week is designated for students to dress within a particular theme, whether pajamas, as a character in a book, favorite superhero, from a particular time period or just general throwback or in a red carpet outfit. It’s a lot of fun for the entire school community and highly anticipated by all.

Spend a Day at AISK

We know how important—and how difficult—it is to choose a school environment that will nurture your child, and inspire them to truly flourish. That’s one reason why we encourage you, and all of our prospective Hurricane parents, to take advantage of our
“Spend a Day at AISK" shadowing program.

Over the course of your visit you’ll be able to observe classes, interact with administration and teachers, and experience life at AISK first-hand. Click on the link below to schedule an appointment, or contact the admissions office to set up a meeting.

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