Elementary School Principal

Elementary School Principal


“We do not learn from experience,
we learn from reflecting on experience.”
John Dewey

Christine (Chris) Green was born and grew up in Melbourne, Australia.  In the late 1980s, Chris and her husband decided to join the international school community and headed to Kuwait.  After teaching economics in Australian secondary schools for ten years, internationally Chris has taught elementary, middle and high school students in subjects including English, social studies, and English as an Additional Language (EAL).  Chris has had the privilege of learning and working alongside colleagues in schools in Kuwait, the Sudan, Cambodia, China, and Mozambique.  Her leadership roles have included Elementary School Principal, Elementary School Assistant Principal and Curriculum Coordinator.  Most recently she was interim Head of School at the Aga Khan Academy, Mozambique.

Whole school improvement has been a real area of interest and focus for Chris, and throughout her career, she has been involved with accreditation, either facilitating the process within the school or leading evaluation team visits to other schools.  For the past six years, Chris has been one of the teams of School Support & Evaluation Officers and International Advisors for the Council of International Schools.  In this role, she evaluates and supports schools through the accreditation process, works with partner agencies such as the IB, and US regional accreditation agencies, and liaises with education authorities in China and Thailand. 

Chris has a Bachelor of Arts degree and Graduate Diploma in Education from LaTrobe University, Melbourne, and a Graduate Diploma in Business from Deakin University, Melbourne.  She also holds a Master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. In our rapidly changing and interconnected world, she believes the development of intercultural competency is critical to understanding our own and other cultures, and to appropriately adapting behaviors to cultural differences and commonalities. Chris is a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory.

In Kingston, her husband, Mick, a retired IB Diploma economics teacher, joins Chris.