Head of School

'Becoming is better than being' - Carol Dweck

My name is Shane Kells and I am the Head of School at the American International School of Kingston. This year marks my 29th year in education, 22nd as an international educator, 18th in international administration and 13th as a Head of School, having been a teacher and administrator in Canada, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, China, Korea and India.

In my experience as an educator and leader, I have come to appreciate that learning does not just take place in the classrooms, laboratories and study halls in our schools, but rather, everywhere. Children and young adults don’t simply stop learning once they complete their schooling, but continue to learn each and every day of their lives. This concept of life-long learning is paramount in reaching ones potential as a member of the global society. If we, as educators, can instill this concept of learning-for-life into our students, we can help them to be the best they can be and to keep reaching and keep striving, long after their school years are but distant memories. Teachers, students, parents and administrators then, all play vital roles in the education of the child with the realization that by working together, we empower exceptional learning.

In the international setting, we, as individuals, are part of a collective, a global community, if you will, who must strive to understand the ways of others and to allow for the differences in other cultures and societies we may come across. Others may be different, yes, but only by truly embracing them and their ways, can we grow as responsible citizens of the world.  The more we understand others and the way that they live and interact in their societies, the better we begin to understand ourselves. 

By modeling AISK’s core values of respect, integrity, empowerment and excellence each and every day and embracing the sense of understanding and feeling of community, I look to help guide students to grow and mature to ‘be the change’ in the world. We should strive to never settle, but rather to wholeheartedly take on challenges that the world has in store for us, all the while embracing a positive growth mindset…because ‘Becoming is better than being’.

I am awestruck with what the American International School of Kingston has accomplished in its history and deeply proud to be leading the school into its next phase of development. 

My office door is always open. Please, feel free to stop in the next time you are on campus. Your thoughts and opinions are always welcomed.