High School Gallery

Teaching, learning and development in the arts is an organic process. The High School student moves freely through a creative process towards a deeper understanding of the arts. In the high school a variety of entry points are embraced toward the students’ understanding of the Visual Arts. Process and outcome are equally valued.

Students engage in looking at one big idea per quarter. This studio-based course is done by studying  2D, 3D and digital art making skills. Attention is paid to technique and the creative process. The process takes students through oral and written critiques of art work. Students analyze and assess art of their own and the art of others from historical, contemporary, local and global perspectives. Thoughtful inquiry and problem solving is paramount. Students also spend time looking at the historical and cultural significance of art. IB art students work through a two year process with the first year being teacher guided and the second being more independent, with students developing their own ideas. Students stretch and explore their own work and share it with an audience through critiques, presentations and a final all school exhibition.