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Meet Jordan, AISK's first 'lifer'! He started in the Early Years Program and went straight through to Grade 12 graduating with the Class of 2018. Hear what he has to say about his experiences and lasting impressions.

Grade 12 
Class of 2021

The environment at AISK really facilitated my learning. Firstly, the diversity of different people that attend AISK was a learning experience for me because I got a chance to get to know and learn from people that come from different cultures. Furthermore, AISK is both hands off and hands on. It is a very supportive school and whenever students need help, they can get it but they also encourage students to get their own solutions and work independently. AISK feels like a big family. I felt a sense of community and really grew in this environment because I had the space to be myself while also feeling accepted by my peers. When it came to applying to universities, I felt a sense of relief that having a U.S. high school diploma would work to my advantage, which helped me reach even further. Overall, I am grateful that my high school experience was at AISK.

Grade 1
Class of 2032

What I love most about my school is that I get to play and learn new things with my friends. I also really love my teachers, and if I had one word to describe them is it that they are AMAZING! AISK makes me love learning.

Grade 4
Class of 2029

What I love most about AISK is that the teachers are kind, friendly and understanding. For Example, whenever I talk to my teacher she understands mostly everything that I say and she will give me advice on what to do, and she treats me like a friend. From my five years of experience at AISK I can say that my teachers make me feel comfortable when I am learning. As AISK says that “our students shape the future” we really do. AISK puts their students in the mindset that they can achieve anything in life. 


Grade 12 
Class of 2021

AISK has given me the opportunity to learn in an environment where I can share my thoughts and ideas with people that come from all over the world. My favorite aspect of AISK is the support I receive not just academically, but personally from my peers and mentors. The teachers at AISK encourage me to ask questions and offer assistance at any time. I feel that the teachers genuinely care about their students' well-being and will go above and beyond to make sure their students have the skill-set required to succeed.

Grade 8
Class of 2025

AISK is truly such an extraordinary school. I’ve only been attending this school for 8 months and I can positively say that AISK has the most diverse group of students that I have had the pleasure of being around. There are so many things that I love about AISK, but what I love most is all the friends I’ve made. AISK has such a sense of community and I feel so supported knowing  that there’s always someone who’ll have my back. The teachers at AISK are the best teachers you will ever find. They are so interactive with their students and I feel like I’m learning so much which is great. Overall, I am so happy that I have the opportunity to attend such a fabulous school!

Grade 7
Class of 2026

AISK is a unique community because my peers are from different places around the world. On a daily basis, I feel as if I am visiting different countries within the walls of my classroom and campus. This diverse community has given me the opportunity to learn about the different cultures and traditions around the world. Also, AISK is unique in that the school is heavily technology-based. Students have access to modern technological devices which enhance their learning.  What I love most about AISK is that we use laptops and iPads in school to help improve our learning. I am able to receive quick feedback from my teachers regarding my assignments. I really love all the teachers who put out the effort for us as students to gain an amazing education. I also think that the teachers are very open-minded and understanding.