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Jonah Melhado
Class of 2012,
LEAP Legal Software, Data Engineer

The fact that technology is embedded into AISK’s curriculum really allowed me to shape my learning in the modern world. The teachers equipped me with the skills needed to carry out research on the web and supplement my class materials. I was also exposed to cutting-edge software in my labs. Little did I know that these experiences would prepare me to tackle my engineering courses at university.

Shaneil Lafayette
Class of 2014,
Elastic Path, Product Marketing Manager 

AISK provided the fundamental tools that helped to foster critical thinking, creative outside of the box ideas and risk taking behavior that I needed to not only survive but thrive throughout my academic career... The rigorous and competitive environment at AISK prepared me for fast-paced environments which I have successfully acted as a chameleon in many roles in the engineering field.

Gaby Pierre
Class of 2013,
Rhodes Scholar Finalist
McKinsey & Company, Business Analyst

Beyond learning academic skills such as math, history, and language, a pivotal part of education is development of self. What AISK and the IB program do really well is holistic education. It’s not only a safe place to decide who you want to become, it’s one of the best places.

Briana Schwapp
Class of 2010,

What I love most about AISK is the freedom of the environment. You have the ability to be an individual and to express yourself in the way that you want, to do things that make you happy, all while incorporating that into an amazing learning environment. 

AISK prepared me for university and life afterwards by first and foremost teaching me how to work hard. The IB program challenged me in a way that I had not been challenged before, and I really had to learn how to stay dedicated and committed, and how to manage my time, no matter how stressed or overwhelmed I was. That really helped me throughout university and through med school.  

Zuri Marley
Class of 2013,
DJ, Musician, Actress

AISK has the most diverse teachers and student body. My network spans all around the world because of the amazing people I've met there. My opinions were always heard even if they were different from everyone else's. Being in an environment where teachers and peers are listening to each other was crucial to developing my creativity and confidence.

Brandon Chinloy
Class of 2015
Rhodes Scholar Finalist

AISK taught me that there is no one path to success, nor is there a single definition of success. I was always encouraged to explore the breadth of the curriculum, which allowed me to discover and combine my interests. Without that encouragement built into the school's values, I would have never had the courage to attend a liberal arts university as an engineer.

Anika Boyd
Class of 2014
Zuora, Software Engineer

My experience at AISK challenged me to really see the world and the people in it. The comprehensiveness of the education program, the cultural exchange, and the nurturing and supportive learning environment prepared me for college and ultimately, the professional world.

Zachery Hugh Sam
Class of 2016
Math Major

AISK was very important for preparing me for university and life afterwards because it provided me with a new social environment that I was able to develop myself in, as well as develop new things and experiences with people. It was also a very nurturing environment that really helped me prepare me for the autonomy to come. 

The best part of AISK to me is the environment. You are very comfortable being yourself, and you feel like you are heard in the classroom and by the administration. The attention to detail that they play to the students and their learning is incredible. 

Mina Robertson

Class of 2011
Entrepreneur - Haveli Kingston

Nicholas Mahfood

Class of 2011
Entrepreneur - Zimi Entertainment