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Stacey Hines
Class of 2018 and 2026

As a single mother, I’m really appreciative of the teaching culture at AISK. I always feel well informed by the teachers and feel that I have a partner who really cares about the well being of my child, not just the grades but my whole child. I’ve seen significant growth in both children who have attended and believe that my son was better prepared to take on university having had the experience. Now my daughter who is in elementary school is no longer having anxiety about her performance and literally can’t wait to go to school each day. I highly recommend AISK.

Mark Haddad
Class of 2019, 2020 and 2022

Without a doubt YES! I would chose AISK over and over again, the system at AISK allows for independence of thought, it allows a child to express themselves without a fear of being wrong. 

What I love most about AISK is the fact that the educators there are vocational educators that have chosen to be teachers because it is their calling.

One of the things that makes the school unique is in one year we had 56 different nations represented at the school.Jamiaca's motto is "Out of Many One People".My kids have friends now in Ireland, South Africa, South America,

I see my kids thrive to want to go to school. I see my kids in online learning during COVID get up and attend class without me having to remind them.

Douglas & Michelle Orane
Class of 2019

What we love most about AISK is how every teacher takes the time and also puts out extraordinary effort to ensure every child succeeds. The dialogue between parents and teachers is never ending, so as parents (grandparents in our case) we always knew what was happening. The school environment is so nurturing and supportive that children feel comfortable and loved. Critical thinking and creativity are encouraged as is social responsibility. 

We view the cost of four years tuition at AISK as one of the best investments we have made in recent times within our family. Our grandson has now graduated and is on his way in life as a young adult. 

Mission accomplished with support and care from AISK!

Angela Maher
Class of 2025 and 2027

Since starting AISK, our son’s work ethic has improved greatly. Zane looks forward to learning and constantly challenges himself to be better every day - it has been a major transformation. He has done extremely well academically and we are very proud of his achievements. AISK’s class sizes and the quality of the teachers are what we love most. I would definitely encourage parents to consider AISK as a first choice for their child’s education. They give 100% in helping students to become the best that they can possibly be, and I think that’s all any parent wants for their child.

Tiffany-Ann Lue-Brown
Class of 2030

Since starting AISK, Jamie is more confident and outgoing and has excelled tremendously academically.We are confident that the teaching methods used at AISK are effective for all age groups. The teachers are simply amazing, they have various ways of engaging the students and they have a gift of making learning fun for the students while still meeting or exceeding the learning expectations. 

The primary reason we chose AISK was because we needed a school that would teach our child to grow as an individual and help him to excel in the area that he’s strongest in. AISK is focused on each student’s individual learning needs. I was born and raised in Jamaica, AISK is by the far the best school in Kingston. AISK cares about the students’ well being as well as their families. Recently, my father passed away and Jamie’s Grade 1 teacher and guidance counselor reached out to us to send sincere condolences to the family on behalf of the AISK family. For us, they have gone above and beyond.

Ashley Thorndike Youssef
Class of 2030, 2033

Since we have been at AISK we have seen our son learn about himself as a learner. He has learned what comes easy for him, what is hard for him, and most importantly how it can be rewarding to work hard and excel. The Learning Support office has been a great resource for us. 

I've had tremendous respect for the classroom teachers, arts and sports faculty, and the learning and wellness teams. It seems that the local and international teachers collaborate well, creating an environment that is dynamic while true to the core mission. I've found all teachers and administrative staff incredibly responsive and caring. 

Of course I love that it's an incredible education for my children. But I, personally, most love the field--that huge, open space with the views of the mountains. The field is a stunning, special physical space that the children will remember for their lifetimes.