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Rita Pierson famously remarked, “children don't learn from people they don't like.” They also don't learn from adults they don’t think like them.  I've been reflecting upon these thoughts this holiday break.  "Feeling liked" seems to be a basic human need- I like to be around people who I like and who like me.  I like to be with people who make me happy and who want the best for me.  I like to be with people who bring joy to my life!    

It is true that sometimes you don't have control of where you spend your time- at work we are a collection of people who "end up" in one organization.  However, we can control our tenure within an organization.  At other times, you end up in a "group" however, you can control your level of participation in that group.  And finally, sometimes fate brings you together with others- and once again you control your engagement relationship within this group.

As adults, we control our relationships and interactions. However, it seems, children are limited in their ability to control their relationships and interaction.  However, children do have the capacity of determining their engagement or disengagement in any setting.  The proverb,'You can lead a horse to water but you can't make the horse drink" illustrates this sentiment that children do have control within a situation... despite the outcome.

I spend time with people I love and this Thanksgiving break clearly illustrated this sentiment!  However, more importantly, this Holiday break I spent time with family and friends who made me feel better and who brought me joy.  Did I learn from them... absolutely!  This Thanksgiving break was a collection of shared experiences contributing to joy- pure relaxing happiness!  Is this not an amazing lesson? 

I hope the Holiday break offered you the same level of joy!

I hope you spend this time reflecting on how your words, facial expressions, and body language communicate to students and each other.  Are you contributing to joy?  Are your words and deeds emitting kindness?  

I hope you join in the fun with some of our Winter Blast activities- encourage your children to find Hary and Kane (take a picture and send it to Katie!)

Please take time to read the Principal's Weekly.  In the Thought & Reflection section, I stated our collective expectations for ELA. These are expectations that should be aligned in every homeroom.  I also stated future decisions we will need to make regarding ELA and our ES Curriculum.  Please review these expectations and integrate the ELA curriculum initiatives in your practice.

Looking forward to our weeks together leading up to the Holiday Break!

Enjoy your Sunday,