Student Support


Student Support at AISK provides and develops unique educational opportunities for students with mild learning difficulties, English Language Learners (ELL) and gifted students at the American International School of Kingston. The Student Support  Program is offered by invitation-only and provides a range of academic support structures, however is not equipped for students with behavioral needs.

To participate in the programs, families work with the AISK administrative team to develop an individualized program. The programs are designed either to support academic gaps (Learning Support), English Language development (EAL), or to provide supplemental academic enrichment. 

The  department designs, delivers and oversees the implementation of a systematic response to student needs in order to provide appropriate, targeted support to students identified with exceptionalities. This includes, but is not limited by, the development of the processes of identification/assessment practices, targeted interventions, collection of appropriate resources, protocols of delivery of services, scheduling options and admission processes.



  • Provides greater access to the curriculum, focusing on academic components and appropriate instruction in basic skills;
  • Maintains and oversees programs for identified students provided through targeted small group instruction and one-on-one instruction;
  • Supports differentiated learning experiences within, before or after the regular school day;
  • Supports learning experiences that are related to the core curriculum which include remediation, acceleration, enrichment and/or independent study.
  • Supports classroom teachers in supporting students with unique educational needs.

Encourage and support your children, nourish the best in them because they will live up to our expectations of them

- Lady Bird Johnson -

AISK Student Support & COVID-19

The AISK Student Support Team are a group of dedicated educators whose primary responsibility is taking care of any educational modifications or accommodations the student body may need. Due to the COVID 19 crisis, we have returned some of these educators to the classroom, giving them a more hands-on role in the development of your child’s social and emotional growth, as well as giving the children the opportunity to enjoy a more seamless support system.


Meet the Student Support Team

Learning Support these are the resources, strategies and practices that provide physical, social, emotional and intellectual support which enable all pupils to have an equal opportunity for success at school. They address any barriers each individual child may face so as to promote engagement and learning.