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Middle School - Strategies of Success

Strategies of Success (SoS) is a program developed specifically for the middle school years—a notoriously hard time for students. Navigating the changing relationships of this age group can be particularly challenging due to a lack of emotional intelligence. Combined with their bodies and minds changing rapidly, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  At AISK, we have seen students benefit immensely from an in-depth look at how the human mind and body work, leading to our Strategies of Success curriculum. By expressly teaching children about personal resourcefulness, empathy, and advocacy in addition to basic health and wellness, we find our students more likely to be confident in themselves, supportive of others, and openly communicative. In addition to helping the children navigate this stage’s changing relationships, the SoS program teaches study habits, mental and physical health, time management, prioritization, mindfulness, digital citizenship, and proper nutrition. 

The Strategies of Success program is the hub of the AISK Middle School program, focusing students and teachers on the key to success, self-knowledge, developing passions and finding a purpose in life.  Strategies of  Success curriculum provides the structure to explicitly teach students the tools they will need as they navigate health, wellness, self-management, social and learning skills, as well as digital citizenship to highlight a few critical life skills.

Pillars of the Program