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To ensure our school hires only the most qualified teachers, each is hand-selected not only for their excellence in their subject matter or division, but for their personality, their curiosity, their alignment with the ADLP, and their empowerment of others. All of the faculty and staff at AISK undergo rigorous background checks, and a hiring process that has continually brought us the best and brightest educators available globally.

I've seen children come to AISK as shy, introverted students, and by the end of the year, they are so happy and confident that they are the lead in a play or in a dance troupe or expressing an interest in a student-driven pursuit. It is truly amazing.


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In my previous profession, I had the opportunity to conduct observations in a number of AISK Elementary classrooms.  I was impressed with the exploratory and cooperative learning I witnessed, and the way in which children are empowered to think critically, express their ideas and direct their own learning. I could see that each child  and his or her unique qualities are valued and cultivated. I wanted to be a part of that.

- Marie Reynolds -
Elementary Counsellor