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Premium High School Program: Grades 9-12

The AISK Premium High School Program is a comprehensive and well-rounded educational experience for students. Here are some key highlights and benefits of this program:

Overall, the AISK Premium High School Program is a well-rounded and student-focused educational experience that aims to prepare students for success in their academic and professional futures. It encourages them to explore their interests, excel academically, and develop essential life skills.At AISK, we understand that every student is unique, and our program allows them to tailor their educational journey to match their interests and strengths. With a dedicated faculty and a focus on holistic development, AISK's Premium High School Program prepares students for academic excellence, personal growth, and a successful future.


The Premium High School Course:
In the Junior Year of High School, students study core requirements essential for university admissions. The course of study includes Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Modern Language, English, and either a subject in the performing or Visual Arts or an Additional Science subject. A mandatory service component is also part of this course, leading to the award of a U.S. High School Diploma.

IB Courses:
Students can choose to switch at least one or a maximum of six Premium High School Subjects with an IB subject. This flexible option allows students to explore their interests and strengths, earning both a U.S. High School Diploma and certificates in the IB Subjects they select.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP):
The IBDP offers a holistic pre-university challenge. Students study six subjects at the Standard or Higher Level, including Mathematics, Science, Humanities, The Visual and Performing Arts, Modern Language, and English. They also undertake an Extended Essay, explore the Theory of Knowledge, and engage in Community, Action, and Service (CAS). Completing the IBDP results in earning the prestigious IB Diploma alongside a U.S. High School Diploma.

The IB program challenged me in a way that I had not been challenged before, and I really had to learn how to stay dedicated and committed, and how to manage my time, no matter how stressed or overwhelmed I was. That really helped me throughout university and through med school.

- Briana Schwapp
Class of 2011  

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