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High School: Grades 9-12

A great high school experience can put your child on a trajectory of lifelong success. At AISK, it is our goal to prepare students for the many possibilities before them. We believe high school is a chance for students to hone their skills, identify their passions, and learn who they are in relation to the world — all while preparing academically for a seamless transition into higher education. We recognize the range of gifts, abilities, and interests of our students, and have provided a Sure Path to University for successful university placement in senior year.

As students prepare for bright futures, they enjoy a broad range of experiences that allow them to utilize their creativity, discover new horizons, and build lifelong relationships.  These experiences not only help shape their choices, but make lasting memories. When graduates return to AISK as alumni, they are not short on stories of how their time here influenced who they have become.

The IB program challenged me in a way that I had not been challenged before, and I really had to learn how to stay dedicated and committed, and how to manage my time, no matter how stressed or overwhelmed I was. That really helped me throughout university and through med school.

- Briana Schwapp
Class of 2011  

Meet the High School Principal